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Custom Pool Design

Quality is our #1 Goal in a wide range of pricing to meet your budget

Each swimming pool will be built with only the most experienced professionals

The finest materials and equipment that have been tested and proven to meet the highest level of quality

Our 3D virtual 360 degree videos help you visualize you dream pool

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Pool School Service

The goal is after the Pool School you will be confident with the 3 basic principles so you as the swimming pool owner can enjoy your pool and not let the pool become a maintenance headache.

1. Water Filtration

2. Chemical Balancing of Water

3. Prevention of Algae

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Weekly Cleaning

We are committed to providing you with excellence in pool cleaning services.

We want you to ENJOY the swimming pool and not having to fight with algae and debris that make a pool undesirable.

We are dedicated to protecting your investment and ensuring a healthy swimming environment for you and your family.

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Chemical Delivery

Are you tired and frustrated trying to get the right chemicals and follow the cumbersome instructions on how to balance your pool water? Cool Wave Pools is now offering a chemical delivery program to ease the burden and frustrations.

In addition to chemicals, we will also deliver polaris parts, skimmer baskets, pump baskets, and other common pool parts so that you can take care of the most basic pool maintenance yourself.

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